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Areas of Specialty:

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One of the primary areas in which I tutor students is mathematics — starting with the later elementary grades and continuing through 9th and 10th grade Algebra I and Geometry. I am a current teacher of mathematics (part-time) at The Progress School of Austin’s ‘Second School’ (middle school) — and have ten years of previous classroom experience, including as the middle school math teacher at AESA Prep Academy in Austin, as an Apollo 20 Math Fellow at Attucks Middle School in Houston, and as an upper elementary lead guide (all subjects) at Austin Montessori School.


I assist young writers-to-be in overcoming their resistance to writing and can help them generate drafts of essays and reports and turn those into finished manuscripts. I can assist writers of all ages in overcoming ‘writer’s block.’ As a published creative writer, and with experience in the publishing industry and as a freelance copy editor, together with many years of undergraduate- and graduate-level work in Philosophy, academic and critical writing is a particular strength.


Some students need extra support in overall study and organizational skills, note-taking, reviewing for tests, and completing homework and projects in a variety of subjects. And many families find that the otherwise peaceful relations between parent and child become strained and contentious when they try to collaborate on schoolwork. I can help your student stay on track and can serve as an intermediary between you, the student, and his or her teachers.

Test Prep

The best strategy for preparing for a standardized test is to spend the time and effort it takes to become fluent in the areas being tested — by working hard in one’s classes, completing homework, and reviewing for class tests. The makers of the SAT, ACT, and other standardized tests actually have done quite a good job of making it difficult to improve one’s scores simply by ‘cramming’ for their tests (this despite what some test-prep books and review courses would like you to believe). While I can help a student come up with a study plan for such a test, can recommend study materials, and can serve as an accountability coach, I do not offer (and don’t believe in) last-minute blitzes or ‘tricks’ for taking standardized tests. I do, however, offer the building-up of fluency in subjects (especially math, writing, and critical thinking — the major components of most standardized tests), over time. Starting early, and working consistently over an adequate span of time, is the most effective path towards solid test scores.
We just received my daughter’s report card. She now has all A’s and B’s! On her previous 9 weeks’ report card she’d received an F in math, and with Audie’s help she brought it all the way up to a B this 9 weeks! We cannot say enough great things about Audie and his ability to teach! My daughter looks forward to their sessions, and afterwards she always tells us that she feels “so smart!” We are so happy to have found ATX Tutoring! K.S., 2018

What child looks forward to meeting with a tutor? That would be my child when the tutor is Audie Alcorn. Over a time-span covering 5th grade through 7th grade, we called upon Audie time and again to assist with everything from math tutoring to test prep. I find Audie to possess a passion for learning and a desire to transfer that passion to the student and the student’s own relationship with the subject matter. In my opinion, Audie’s specialty is a unique ability to quickly assess a student’s needs to foster a successful outcome of the student/tutor dynamic. Audie’s own joy is palpable when he observes his student eventually grasp whatever the student found difficult to understand in a classroom environment. His calm, encouraging disposition put my student at ease immediately. And as a parent, I appreciated the flexibility of meet times and meeting locations to accommodate my work schedule and my location in the city on tutoring days. My child is now a junior in high school and academically near the top of her class. D.D., 2017


What situations might call for a tutor?

A tutor can be useful in situations in which a student:

  • needs support in one or more subject areas — either to catch up, to stay current, or to move ahead into advanced classes.
  • scored below expectations on a recent benchmark test.
  • struggles with general study or organizational skills, homework or project completion, or test preparation.
  • is changing schools, is making the leap from elementary to middle school or from middle school to high school, or is changing from one style of education (Montessori, Waldorf, homeschooling, small private, or large public) to another.
  • does not ‘click’ with a particular teacher and needs to have the material presented in a different, more individualized way.
  • finds that an otherwise pleasant relationship with a parent is strained when the two try to collaborate on schoolwork.

Where do you meet with students?

I meet with students at a variety of locations, including:

  • at their homes.
  • at their schools, during study-hall periods or after school.
  • at coffee shops.
  • at public libraries.
  • at other neutral locations such as country clubs, restaurants, or parents’ workplaces.

What are your rates?

My current standard rate is $60/hour.

A discounted rate of $50/hour is offered to students with whom I meet in the Mueller or Windsor Park neighborhoods.

A discounted rate of $50/hour is also offered to students with whom I work for 3 hours in a Mon-Sun week; and a discounted rate of $45/hour is offered to students with whom I work for 4 hours in a Mon-Sun week.

Test proctoring and assistance with college admissions and financial aid applications are offered starting at $30/hour.

In some cases, there are curriculum and materials expenses paid for by me, which are invoiced at cost for reimbursement.


After many years of tutoring students part-time, Audie Alcorn founded ATX Tutoring and began tutoring students full-time in June of 2017. As of September 2018, Audie will also be teaching math part-time at the Progress School of Austin. Audie’s prior work experience includes 10 years of classroom experience, including as a middle school math teacher and co-associate head of school at AESA Prep Academy in Austin, as an upper elementary lead guide at Austin Montessori School, and as an Apollo 20 Math Fellow at Attucks Middle School in Houston. Audie also worked for a few years each in the publishing industry, including as a freelance editor, contributor, and ghostwriter; in the Department of Education and Interpretation at Zion National Park in Utah; and as an auditor for Price Waterhouse in Dallas.

Audie’s academic background includes 10 years of successful university experience, including earning 3 degrees — a Bachelor of Business Administration (Accounting) from Southwestern University, a Bachelor of Arts (Philosophy) from the University of Arizona (summa cum laude), and a Master of Arts (Philosophy) from Texas Tech University — as well as studying as a Presidential Fellow in Philosophy at Rice University. Audie’s standardized test results include scoring in the 98th percentile on the SAT math section, the 97th percentile on the GRE verbal section, and the 97th percentile on the GRE analytical section.

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