We just received my daughter's report card. She now has all A’s and B’s! On her previous 9 weeks' report card she'd received an F in math, and with Audie's help she brought it all the way up to a B this 9 weeks! We cannot say enough great things about Audie and his ability to teach! My daughter looks forward to their sessions, and afterwards she always tells us that she feels “so smart!” We are so happy to have found ATX Tutoring!

K.S., 2018


What child looks forward to meeting with a tutor? That would be my child when the tutor is Audie Alcorn. Over a time-span covering 5th grade through 7th grade, we called upon Audie time and again to assist with everything from math tutoring to test prep. I find Audie to possess a passion for learning and a desire to transfer that passion to the student and the student’s own relationship with the subject matter. In my opinion, Audie’s specialty is a unique ability to quickly assess a student’s needs to foster a successful outcome of the student/tutor dynamic. Audie’s own joy is palpable when he observes his student eventually grasp whatever the student found difficult to understand in a classroom environment. His calm, encouraging disposition put my student at ease immediately. And as a parent, I appreciated the flexibility of meet times and meeting locations to accommodate my work schedule and my location in the city on tutoring days. My child is now a junior in high school and academically near the top of her class.

D.D., 2017