While it can be argued that tests such as the STAAR, SAT, ACT, GRE, ISEE, and others have acquired an outsized importance and have exaggerated the value of some skills and traits (memorization and coolness under pressure) while diluting others (work ethic, emotional intelligence, and love of learning), the fact is that many colleges and other schools do use such tests as benchmarks and as one measure (among several) of an applicants' abilities.

While providing SAT tutoring and helping with SAT test preparation, the perspective that I take towards tests such as the SAT is twofold: 

  1. It's not so important that you should endure debilitating levels of stress and anxiety about tests such as the SAT, or sacrifice every Saturday of your sophomore and junior years of high school in order to prep for them. You can absolutely have a good, happy, and successful adult life without scoring well on (or even taking) the SAT. You can even have some fun while you prepare for your SAT. Having said that…
  2. Doing as well as you reasonably can on the SAT can increase the number of college, scholarship, and career options you have available. Generally speaking, having more than one option to choose from is kind of nice. So, as I provide SAT tutoring and test prep, I encourage my students to treat such a test as a challenge. Treat it as a game. Why not? Have fun with it. Learn about the test, find out how to do well on it, give yourself plenty of time, and see if you can do it. Try to win the game!

One way you can learn about these tests is to work with someone who already considers them a fun game, has already scored well on them, and is a good teachersomeone who can serve as your personal coach. At ATX Tutoring, my SAT tutoring and SAT test prep support can: 

  • Help you chart a course for your preparation,
  • Help you stay on track,
  • Identify your weaknesses,
  • Help you strengthen those areas,
  • Teach you test-taking strategies,
  • Help identify and address test anxiety, and
  • Point you to the best resources.

My previous standardized test scores include a 98th-percentile score on the SAT math section, a 98th-percentile score on the GRE verbal section, and a 97th-percentile score on the GRE analytical section. I know some great resources, I take a methodical approach, and I can adapt our work together to your time frame (within reasoncramming will have little benefit) and your budget. Let's talk!