At ATX Tutoring, I provide math help for students of all ages. As a trusted math tutor service in Austin, TX, I have found that the need for extra support in math can arise in a variety of situations:

  • When it becomes apparent that a student is lagging behind grade level in math
  • When a student is consistently struggling to keep up or perform well in grade-level math
  • When a student is performing adequately at grade level but demonstrates a potential to move faster and to advance into higher-level math if provided additional support
  • When a student is changing schools—especially from public to private school, elementary to middle school, middle school to high school, or from a Montessori or other nontraditional setting to a more traditional one—and needs support in making the transition (including entrance exam preparation)
  • When a family recognizes that the best preparation for the math section on a standardized test (such as the SAT) is to shore up a solid foundation in the fundamentals of math, and wants to get an early start on this preparation by supplementing math schoolwork well before the student's later high school years

Both as a former math teacher (through Algebra 1) at a private college preparatory school and as a former Montessori guide, one of my specialties is helping young people build a solid foundation in mathematics and geometry. I have been able to help students advance from average performance in their math classes to taking higher-level math courses at school. My experience as a math tutor in Austin, TX, has shown me that:

  • Some students just need the concepts they are shown in class to be presented in a different way
  • Other students need help getting beyond the idea that they are "not good at math"
  • Providing math help in a one-on-one setting where the material can be individualized and targeted to a particular learning style is incredibly helpful

For many of my students, I follow a curriculum separate from the one they use at school. This curriculum supplements their school work and expands their understanding and skills, all at their own pace. For others, we keep our focus on their school curriculum to ensure that they complete homework, adequately prepare for tests and quizzes, and stay current with the pace of class.