As a professional tutoring service, ATX Tutoring provides general in-home tutoring and homework help to students of all ages. Whether you prefer to meet in the comfort of your own home or at a school, office, library, coffee shop, or other neutral location, I am happy to accommodate you. Over my years of experience, I have found that general tutoring and homework help can be called for in a variety of situations:

  • When a student needs support in multiple subjects at school, and the parent does not have the time or subject-matter expertise to provide sufficient help
  • When a student needs assistance with overall study skills and organization
  • When the personal relationship between the parent and child are strained by the addition of homework into the daily mix of home life
  • When short-term preparation is needed for a specific test or project

I provide neutral location or in-home tutoring for students of all ages. I typically work with a relatively small number of clients and adapt to the needs of the child and family by building relationships, connections, and the students' self-confidence.