Tutoring Services

Math Tutoring

The language of mathematics is one of the cornerstones of our modern technological world. A private math tutor can help students catch up and stay current with their current classes or advance into higher-level courses. My tutoring services can help you or your child build a solid foundation for SAT, college, and career success.

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Writing & Editing

In this hyperconnected world, written communication is often one of the keys to success. I can help you or your child with the fundamentals of grammar; with writer’s block or reluctance to write; with outlining, editing, and revising papers and reports; and with preparing college applications and essays.

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SAT Preparation

A private tutor can help you or your child succeed in SAT testing. At ATX Tutoring, I can assist by:

  • Setting a course for test preparation
  • Keeping you on track
  • Identifying your weaknesses
  • Helping you strengthen those areas
  • Teaching you test-taking strategies
  • Identifying and addressing test anxiety
  • Pointing you to the best available resources

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A Message from Audie….

You have probably noticed by now that the different aspects of your child’s development do not happen all at the same pace. Perhaps your child loves to create, write stories, and sing songs, but to her math seems like an impenetrable foreign language. Or perhaps math comes easily to your child, but getting him to write even one sentence–not to mention a five-page English paper–seems to be more difficult (and requires more diplomacy) than the attainment of world peace. Or, perhaps your child has a keen mind, an advanced social maturity, or a highly developed emotional intelligence, but their success as measured by traditional school metrics is hamstrung by a lack of organizational skills or by an insufficient sense of connection to academic content. This is where my tutoring services come in handy.

I founded ATX Tutoring as an alternative to the larger ”tutor mills” that match your child with one of a revolving cast of mostly part-time tutors. As a private tutor in Austin, TX, I work directly with students and families who prefer a relationship-based approach to tutoring that meets the child where he or she is, builds confidence, and draws upon a strong and varied background. Read more about my background  here.

photo by Gaelle Marcel
photo by Gaelle Marcel

How and Where I Operate

Currently, I provide qualified and professional tutoring services in your home, at your school, or in a neutral location such as a nearby coffee shop, library, or other public space.

Your first step is easy: simply contact me and tell me about the services you or your child need. If I feel that I can help you, I will meet with you in person for a free initial consultation (about 30 minutes). From there, we can move forward with an individualized, mutually agreed upon plan that is tailored to the needs of your child and family.

My standard rate is $60 per hour (not including curriculum materials fees, when applicable). Discounts are sometimes available, depending on number of weekly hours and on proximity to my home base.

Next Steps…

Please reach out by phone or email so that we can discuss your needs and set up a free initial consultation.

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